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Frag system and other stuff

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I have a frag system for sale...willing to part. System has 72x24x12 main frag tank, iron might return pump, very large bubble max skimmer, and 120 gallon tru-vue sump. Also has brand new (about 4 weeks old) Galaxy switchable ballast and Lumen Max Elite reflector. $750 for the whole thing. Ask for indiviidual pricing.


PCX 70 pump rated at 1356 gph. Has about 30 seconds run time on it. Was $200. $120 obo.


Acrylic tank 27lx15dx24.5 tall. $180 on CL...$150 for PNW members. Clear on all sides. No overflow, no holes.


Couple random sumps...one is about 50 gallons and is acrylic. $150. Has several chambers. One smaller sump about 20-25 gallons. $80.


Have a large MRC dual beckett skimmer I took the becketts off of and I have a venturi I was going to convert it to a recirculating style skimmer. It is about 4.5 feet tall. Would make great skimmer with the recirculation action instead of the beckets. Weighs about 40 lbs with no pump. $275 with the parts to make the conversion and if you want I can help convert it. If you want the pcx 70 pump with it I will package deal it for $325 and will still help convert.


Couple decent chunks of LR with very nice shape. $3 lb...this has some nice LARGE holes in it for the fish to swim through.


34 gallon Oceanic Cube tank system for sale as well. Clomes with Halide (150w), sand, about 30 lbs LR, koralia nano powerhead, protein skimmer, return pump, custom built acrylic sump that fills stand, some corals...about a half dozen, some blue green reef chromis, one false perc clown, a one spot fox face rabbitfish, two cleaner shrimp, some snails, and a couple emerald crabs and a pencil urchin. Also has heater and thermometer in sump...sorry forgot that...$600 obo takes the whole system...willing to part out if all livestock goes first. You can find my build thread on this tank under 'old school oceanic cube build' in the tank threads.


Email me for any questions or to ask for pics...I either have or will take photos of any of it for you.


Feel free to call as well.




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It does not come with a stand. I have it on a 13' long stand right now that had two frag tanks on it. I do have a lot of 2x6 and 4x4s and I can help you make a stand for it if you want it. The only thing I don't have for a stand is the top piece of ply. I even have fasteniers (bolts and screws).


$300 for tank only with wood for stand.

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