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The time has come for the shop to close and it will be happening really really soon...






Ok so now that I have your attention, I will be closing the shop for a sweet vacation that the wife and I are taking. I will be closed May 25th through June 5th and then will be back open June 6th or so.


I just got in a couple of the largest coral orders I have ever recieved. The tanks are literally ready to burst, stuffed full of some of the nicest corals that you will find anywhere. I was pretty full up before these orders came in and now I really need to move some stuff before I leave for vacation. Tanks are nice and clean and ready for your coral cherry picking to begin!


So, here is the deal:


-My prices will be incredibly good on all of my corals on top of the below specials.


- Purchase $50 in corals and get $15 in free corals of your choice


- Purchase $100 in corals and get $40 in free corals of your choice


- Purchase $200 in corals and get $100 in free corals!


- Purchase $450 in corals and I will give you $200 in free corals, a bucket of Kent Reef Salt, and a package of Rod's food :)









There are literally hundreds of new corals in the tanks and quite a few of them are pretty rare and exotic. It's pretty much one of the best times to come by and pick out some corals. I was hopeing to get some new fish in as well but with the vacation coming up and the massive amount of corals that I had coming, I just opted to wait on the fish and pick up more corals!!!


I don't have time to get any pics up at the moment, but if you liked what you saw in the photo rich post I put up a few weeks ago, you will really like what is available now ;)




So much to check out!!! Let me know if you want to setup a time to swing by and check stuff out. Toss me a PM, text, email, or give me a buzz.


Now accepting:





All prices are limited to stock on hand and are good through 05/24/11

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