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Another Thank you Thread!

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Just wanted to say thanks to all that I either purchased or traded with.


Here is a list of all that I remember


Kmiller - thanks for the pink milli colony. It opened up right away and is super happy in the tank.


Emerald525/Tanktop74 - Thanks for brining the yellow jackets down to the meeting from the cyberbully growout!


Jody @ TECO - Thanks for the sweet deal on the acans, monti's and acro I got!


Gabe - Thanks for bringing the TECO corals up to me.


Oxx - You know how to throw a heck of a party man. Amazing tank and lots of fun.


EugeneReef - Thanks for the reflectors. They will work out great for my new lighting project.


Ed's Reef - Thanks for the gift certificate for a free bucket of salt. My son won the bucket and was happy to win something!


And last but not least the Premium Aquarium. I was planning on going to Garrett's shop to grab some acans he's had on hold for me for quite sometime. But to make things so much better I scored a $50 gift certificate during the raffle. So of course I got my lord acan colony but I also snagged a sand-dollar monti, 2 rainbow colored rics, and a green cyphastrea colony. I got all the corals home and aclimated most (yeah I don't acclimate them all) and I was looking at the tank with my mom and she noticed that something was sticking out of the rock. Well I scored a hitch-hiker but it was a linear blenny. I let Garrett know right away and he said enjoy the new livestock!(rock2)


If I forgot anyone here I'm sorry but I saw so many people yesterday and did quite a few trades that I kind of lost track. It was great to meet some of you that I have not met yet as well.


Pictures will happen once my tank is clean (which will probably be a few days)

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Pink Milli colony from Kmiller/Drew



TECO Blue Tipped Tenius (Crappy picture looks awesome in person)



TPA Green Cyphastrea



TPA Sand-dollar Monti



TECO Superman Monti



TPA Acans and TECO Acans



TPA Linear Blenny Hitch-hiker



Cyberbully Growouts


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You're asking the wrong person Jesse. Ask Brad. I was merely the delivery person.(laugh) I was thinking maybe it was Robert's frag.


I was thinking that as well till it started to open up and it was red..(laugh)


It's cool looking either way.

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