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Sand for sale


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I bought 2 bags of sand from WestsideAquarim couple weeks ago and I have opened, washed and placed them in a plastic bucket. I decided to reuse my old sand when I bought my tank so looking for any interest and make your offer. I paid $80 for the two bags. I also have a branch of Hydnophora (broken off during the move) to throw in to.




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About how many # do you have?


Two bags but opened and stored in a bucket (it's a bit wet since I washed it with tap water then dumped them into the bucket). Asking for $50 and in Beaverton area near by the Nike campus.



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Do you happen to know the brand of the sand and how many lbs in each bag?? I am very interested...my hubby works at Nike so he could pick it up.


Thanks and WELCOME!!!!





I don't know what brand it is. I bought them just few weeks back from Tim (Westsideaquarium). I think ~40lbs each bag so total of 80lbs of wet sand in container now. I'll try to take some pic tomorrow to post here.

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