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FS Orange Monti Capricornis


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I have three big frags of orange mantipora capricornis and a big colony that are for sale + other smaller pieces (2") i want to sell everything as soon as possible due to lack of room.


let me know what prices you are willing to pay and we'll work around that.













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Are they shippable?? I am in Renton' date=' WA. I don't know if I can drive down there any time soon.[/quote']

i don't think i can ship them they are pretty fragile. when do you think you can come? i'm in vancouver wa

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Sadly they were going to have us come to PDX for a meeting on Monday but they changed their minds. I will have to pass for now, I am too busy with work and with gas prices and an SUV...I drove to Rochester last weekend to get a tank, shame I didn't know about them then I could have just driven a wee bit farther LOL.

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