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Snowflake Clown


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Got a snowflake a couple weeks ago and was thinking about trying to breed it. Right now the clown is about an inch long. He is in a 75 gal with an algae blenny and a couple snails. I will probably be getting him a ritteri nem when I find one in decent health. Just was wondering if anybody has had any success breeding snowflakes? Or does anybody know of a better combination to pair with a snowflake, to have more interesting results? I have had success making an odd pair in the past between a false perc and a black and white ocellaris. They would lay fertilized eggs, but when hatched they were fish food. I put a couple pics of the snowflake. One pic is a little blurry. Taken with iphone. Not the best, but gets the job done. Any tips would be appreciated, since I am new to trying to breed clowns. Thanks



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