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Ok my tank is 1 year ould .I have never cleand my substrate

Am I seting my self up or let it be? I am runing cc med to small mix plus sand

No n03 n02 nh3 nh4 phos test at 0. My flow is a 300 retern ,1200 power head a 400"a900and a550

Pleas adivis this is my first reef but bin doing fw nwc/owc since the 90's

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Some what 6 sand sifting snals and bristal worms ?4 peperment shrimp?1fire shrimp? Hermits of all kinds ?and a lot of mirco stars

I fead a lot of live brine. I try not to use flake or pelts at all but so use some times

As well as my owen mix of frose shrimp sclops squid clams .also have a blue damsel who thinks she is

A. Bulldoser alwys moving the sub strat . Some times she makes it look like a snow glob

Not kiding .

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Thanks for the input . Jusrt read a therd on anouther site and got a little scard lol

As far as a sand goby I want to but my lr sits on pvc eag crate and mesh (plenum.spell chek )

Thar is about 3" x 3 x48 cc sand mix bed along the front . I have bin wanting one

Just did not feal it wood be happy. Converting my 120 this summer l plan on doing things

A bit differnt .will still use a plnem ?just in a difernt way

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