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Thanks to Beth and Kim

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Finally some people that didn't flake on my for sale items. Thanks for buying the 100 gal. Rubbermade.


You're welcome Mark. That was an awesome deal. (clap) (clap) It's going to work great when we get it up and running!


Thanks for flaking whoever you were. I had thought about buying it the first time you posted. I'm glad we did. It will work perfectly for mixing and storing saltwater.


Oh wait...... it doesn't fit we're bringing it back! Just kidding (laugh)



That is a smoking deal on that 200 gallon tank you have. It looks very nice all cleaned up. Very nice setup. If I had the room and didn't have 4 tanks I would be all over it!


Mark's a great guy to deal with people. Very nice setup. The rubbermaid tub was all cleaned up too!

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