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FS 210 Gallon Aquarium, Stand, Canopy, Lighting, Sump, Refugeium, Pump, and plumbing


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I have a Aqueon all glass aquarium with dual overflows. The stand is nice with solid oak doors. The canopy is the same construction as the stand. I have two sumps with filter sock holders one was used as a refugeium. The lighting is a PFO professional fixture (six ft.) with two 165 watt VHO actinics and three 400 watt metal halides. Ballasts are vho s with two switches and a dual 400 watt with two switches, and a single 400 watt. The pump is a Dolphin that runs this system with the ball valves fully open. I have sold all the livestock and the skimmer and calcium reactor. I want $1200 for all that is is listed above and want to sell it all together. PM any questions you might have. Thank you for looking.






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I have also seen this; great setup and I am surprised nobody has jumped on this yet. Mark takes VERY good care of his stuff, and knowing him this whole thing will be cleaned up as good as it can be for the lucky buyer.

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