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Okay so tank move went great but I have two questions


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Okay the move to the 50g w/ sump went better than expected, still of course waiting to see that all livestock adapts but time will tell.


(scratch)One questions is regarding the noise of the water coming into the sump and into the filter sock. Is it ok to have that underwater so it does not make such a splashing noise?


If so can I just use a piece of vinyl tubing (i have a bunch or 3/4" & 1" tubing that I have not used) stuffed in it to lower it or will I need to put some PVC on the bulkhead that is on the filter sock holder. I am not really good with glue...bad things happen...


(scratch)One other quick ? - How many powerheads would you recommend in the tank. Return pump is at about 450 gph and I have an Aqueon 500 circulation pump on the opposite side of the tank. The tank is 36" wide, 19" tall and 15" deep.


I think my flow is at about 450gph, I guess if that is more than I need I can slow in return pump down some. I put a ball valve on the drain line too so I can slow that, I discovered that the Durso starts to flush if I just slow the return...


As a side note I am excited to be meeting Kimberlee tomorrow in Portland!!!

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A pic of your set up would help-Ideally as I have read/found having the return just below where water level in the sump is best, a couple inches maybe.

Not sure if you have an airline in the top of the durso, if it a a purchased unit or DIY. I run a ball valve on all my returns and have been for years, people will say that’s bad an its dangerous-the potential for an overflow is increased. They will suggest throttling back on the intake volume via a gate/ball valve so there is less volume to drain-this did not work for me, I have ball valves on my return pump side and my drain side.

On the drain side I have it closed about 10-15%, the handle is at about 1-2 o'clock and it stops the gurgling you hear, if you are getting the flushing sound that is a vacuum ( I believe) and pics will help before diagnosing that one correctly

this is a very quiet return;


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