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So Roger (Mr S) and myself stopped at Pier Park in Portland today and shot 18 holes on our way to the meeting at Roy's. During our game I began to think of my previous days of playing and how much fun I had participating in friendly tournaments. Then like a bolt of lightning out of the sky, a great idea hit me. How about we (the fine folks of PNWMAS) have a charity tournament with all the procedes going to the tanks for theachers program.


For those of you that are un familiar with disc golf, it is a great low impact sport that is extremely un-expensive to get into and virtually free to play. The only time I have ever had to pay was when the course was in a state park and a day pass is necessary to visit. Its also a lot of fun, because the game, in its simplest form, consists of taking a walk through a park throwing a disc at a basket.


So, anyone interested in joining in on something like this show some love and let me know.


See how much fun Roger is having!



And see how awesome the discs are!



Intersted peoples:






J.R. Maybe



Mr S


Noobtosalt Maybe

Mwheeler Maybe


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Ok, cool. Glad there is some interest. I will try my best to organize the event. I was thinking something like a $10 buy in (which would go to tft) and asking some sponsors to donate prizes for winners. Various contests like longest put and closest to pin are always fun to throw in the mix. The biggest challenge with this event, I think, would be choosing a park that is both central to most people who would like to participate and not too difficult for those who have limited disc golf experience. I was also thinking that mid july would be a good time for this. I am really excited about this.

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Well, for those of you who are new or havent played for a while, grab a disc and head out to the park, you couldnt ask for a much nicer day. If you don't have any discs I know that play it again sports sells used ones for around $10 and deke and brians does the same.

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How about combining this event into a summer bbq and july meeting? I was thinking the 24th of July' date=' the third sunday. Now to get ahold of a location... Any suggestions?[/quote']


That's a good idea. Im in, but someone will need to teach me.


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Did you check the site that was posted for other tournaments being done and Ware they are? Also could you post the PNW tournament on the Oregon disc golf website and maybe get others to come and it would also promote the site and saltwater hobby in general.

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I checked the callendar at nwdiscgolfnews.com and there isnt anything listed that day. I will post something up on their forum as well to let people know. I'm not too sure just how interested they will be in competing in a very amature tournament that is being played for prizes from sponsors on a marine aquarium site though. But it will be good to get the word out.

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