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Helfrichi’s Firefish


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I have one! Great fish Frank! You have plenty of places for it to make a burrow and escape to so im sure it will be fine. I have had mine for almost a year I think. Getting a pair will give them a better chance. You should check out the story on how these fish are cought. Pretty cool if ya ask me. They come from about 200 feet down. They are decompressed in small netts over a 3 day period. Its crazy to think these little beauties take 3 days to bring them to the surface. Thats why they fetch such a large dolar. You know how hard it is to catch a fish in our tanks let alone 200 ft down. lol

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I've had the purple ones and they have never jumped out, but they are pretty shy and will be bullied by more active fish. Just have to make sure they can get food to when it comes to feeding time. With how your rock work is setup, they shouldnt have any problems

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