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Zoos for sale!!!!


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Lets see if I can't get some stuff sold, Jess n I are trying to save up as much money as we can to get a house, so since I don't have a job, this is how I'm gonna contribute lol.


Everything is negotiable, to a point, I wont give stuff away lol, and I'd really rather not do trades, we need the cash to go into savings.


So, help us get our house guys!!!(naughty)(rock2)


First up is Red Hornets, 4 on the plug, I'll split em if need be, $30 per polyp or $100 for the whole shebang



Next up is Nuc Greens, $10 per polyp



Joker Palys, not the best pic, but 10 polyps+ on the piece of rubble, $25


Mother colony



Green Hairy Mushrooms, $15 each, 3 available



RBTA, split from the mother a week ago, pic shows both of em, $25 firm



Frogspawn frag, $15 firm



Kaliedescope cloves, $10 per polyp, 5+ polyps available



Mohawk morphs, $10 per polyp, 5 available



Blue Clove polyps, have a rock, maybe 4"x3" covered in them an seafoam palys, $25 firm

Pic is over the cloves themselves, you can see the seafoams as well in the pic.



Also have a EuroReef RS135 skimmer, with pump, SOLD


PM or post if you have any questions or want anything.




Mick n Jess(rock2)

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