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Thanks Chief the first post for the new project!


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Thanks Chief for providing this new section for the new build. I only asked you last night!(rock2)(rock2)


Build is happening today! I'm so excited!(clap)(cheer)(highfive)



Here is some information about Pioneer Special School Program:


Pioneer Special School Program


Pioneer Special Schools serves Portland’s special-education students, kindergarten to 21 years old, who are unable to be successful in less restrictive school placements. With four school sites and a year-round calendar, the program helps students with social/emotional needs, fragile mental health, developmental disabilities such as autism spectrum disorder, life skills, or GED preparation needs or who require vocational training and community transition services.



Here is the website for the school:





I know everyone likes pictures so I will taking pictures of the entire build and post them up later while everyone else does the heavy lifting!(laugh)

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