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Camera sugestions


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My daughter is looking to get a new digital camera. She does not want one with interchangeable lenses she's looking in the $300.00 ish range. She wants as she puts it "one that won't take a month to learn how to use" I know a lot of you have some real nice cameras so any suggestions? Mike

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Ive always had great luck with Nikon or Canon. I buy the Canon Powershots for my guys at work. They take very nice photos and are very durable. They often get dropped and hold up for several years. If you stick with a large manufacture like Nikon or Canon, you cant really go wrong.

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She ended up with a Nikon Coolpix P 100. Good ol Costco, package deal camera,bag,4gb card & charger(otherwise you have to charge batt. in camera) for $310.00


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