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101 Mercantile Aquatic Center, Bandon Oregon

101 Mercantile

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hello my name is Chris and i am the owner of 101 Mercantile, Located in Bandon, Oregon.... I have a small shop, but have great prices and can order just about anything, Can beat most retail prices... I buy/sell/trade..... I just started fragging my own corals and am still in looking for more corals, well established Live Rock....


thanks again,


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Become a sponsor!


Yes please become a sponsor. It's not that expensive and supports a great forum!(clap)


Send a pm to our vendor relations person Michael7979 to get it set up.


Sponsor info:


Any vendor that is interested in becoming a Sponsor of the PNWMAS should contact the current PNWMAS President or Vendor Relations Officer. A Sponsor's Membership costs $150.00 a year in cash, gift certificates, or dry goods donation. Sponsors must be a valid business with a current business license and a physical (brick and mortar) store or an e-commerce website that is capable of taking orders and payments. Here is what your membership can get you. A banner on our sponsors page. A banner on our rotation for every page on the forum. Your own forum to sell your wares. Access to our members forum. An opportunity to run for the Board of Directors for the Club. Voting rights. And most importantly, an opportunity to hear your customer base.

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Welcome aboard!


But as stated in our by laws:


Section 4 Commercial Members shall consist of those individuals holding a financial interest in any phase of the Aquarium or Tropical Fish sales, being either fresh or salt water. Commercial Members may not hold office. Commercial Members may, however, vote and serve on the Board of Directors upon approval of 2/3 of the voting members. Commercial Members may not solicit to the General Meetings or at any Club sponsored function without prior approval of the Officers and Board of Directors. Commercial Members will be given an advertising banner on the website as well as a forum, if they wish, to further advertise their products.


You will need to become a sponser in order to advertise on our forum. Michael "Michael7979" is our vender relations guy. Shoot him a PM and he will explain the process. Again welcome aboard.



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