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Need Large Tub


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I don't know if this truly qualifies for an emergency...(laugh)(laugh)


We are breaking down our 150 gallon tank and need to borrow a large tub to store the live rock for our next project.


Anyone have a large rubbermaid type tub that would fit in a bathtub that we could borrow?We need it this weekend!


Oh I just realized that Beth posted a similar post LOL. She only put it in the general discussion area.

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I like how you and Beth tag teamed this issue. I was going to let her borrow a tub too but I only have the one. You will have to keep it a secret I guess.


Thanks everyone for the offers! Thanks Isaac for the nice Rubbermaid tub!(clap)


Beth may still need one though!:p


It fits perfectly in the bathtub.

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