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Derasa clam and pair of perc


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SOLD $25 - Derasa Clam: about 2.5in


$25 - True perc pair


$10 - Bangaii cardinal - I bought a pair which turned out to be both males (I think); they started fighting; this one is a little beaten up but is eating frozen mysis. Free if you buy both derasa and percs. :)


I'm in Corvallis.





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hey...I am in corvallis too...I breed Banggais...chances are if you bought them in/around corvallis they are from me...I have about 10 left ready to go right now...


are you wanting to breed them? If so let me know...I would possibly be willing to take yours and and give you another. I have done this many time for people wanting a pair.


One tip I give people is to just float the fish in the bag for awhile...the fish you are wanted to pair knows a lot more than we do about sexing...if the original fish goes up to the bag and presents itself sideways and doesnt want to leave...bingo. If he darts up fast from below and swims away...don't even release and we can try again. Ive even give people groups before until they pair off and they can return them...no one pays unless they kill it.



I would do this for a few reasons...

1) These fish need help and the more we breed them the better!

2) If it is from me (I sell to many local retailers), I stand behind my fish and have swapped out many times for people looking for a pair (I am definately not trying to corner a market....Id rather help save a species). Plus, if it isnt mine I always like to bloodline.


Let me know...if you are in corvallis we can probably meet up somewhere. I have lots of other stuff too.



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We picked up a pair of Banggais from Garrett about a month ago. They pretty much left each other alone for the first couple of weeks. Then one started picking on the other one and chasing it a lot. The one being picked on started hiding a lot. This went on for a week or two, but now they are back to behaving the same way they were when we first got them. We don't know much about Bangaii behavior though.

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Thanks everyone for all the replies. I will go down the list of pm's in the order received regarding the items.


Mike: Thank you so much for the advices. I wish I knew all that before making my purchase. I was going by look of the jawline in the store; that didn't work out so well.

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