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All in one supplement ?


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Can I get some insight on this please. Is the all in one supplements good to use?

If it is okay is this a good brand or is there a common one that most people use?

I was considering getting something like this since I have one coral now and an algae that may need more than what my tank can give them atm.

(halimeda algae and gorgonian?) may have spelled them wrong. (whistle)





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all halimeda really needs is good lighting and calicum, with some minor trace elements that will be sufficient in the salt mix with proper water changes. no dosing should be needed.


the gorgonian is a filter feeder and depending on the species, usually gets fed 3+ times a day small amounts. there really shouldn't be a ton of stuff you need to dose. usually only 2-3 different kinds of actual food.


Here is a tank of the month thread that deals only in gorgonians. it was really neat to read about it. http://reefkeeping.com/joomla/index.php/current-issue/article/67-tank-of-the-month

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