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20L Sump


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So I picked up a 20l to use as a sump and am trying to figure out what height I want to have my baffles. I am gonna use 3 on the input side where my return goes. I know I want about a 4 to 5 inch piece of glass and behind that will use eggcrate with screen material to keep things out of the return section. I have them cut at 10 inches now, the first baffle the water will go over then under then over again. Should I cut down the last baffle a inch or too for evap?




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If it were me I would use a single baffle in the input area. Then put the over under baffles at the other end next to the return section. The first section just needs a single baffle to give a consistent water level for a skimmer pump. The middle section will rise and fall with evaporation and topoffs. The baffles are to remove bubbles and will do so more effectively if they are just before the return since they will removing not only the bubbles from the drain but also any bubbles created with a skimmer. For the baffles at the end I would put 2 tall ones from the top down that leave 1 1/2" or so at the bottom for water to flow under them and then 2 that come up from the bottom that are about 3" tall. This way the water will still flow as long as it's over 3" deep.

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Currently I am not using a skimmer, I made my stand to low to put one in the sump. This is just my frag tank anyway. I don't have a issue with bubbles from the return pump now. Wanted a longer length sump and shorter height. This is what I am running now.




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