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formalin or cupramine? Skunk clown sick.


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So I got a pair of skunks at Rose city a few days ago. One died quickly and the other seemed good. Now the other has a "film" all over him, its brooknella or velvet.


So I pulled him out and giving him a dip in formalin. My question is do I keep treating with formalin or cupramine in a qt tank. Or neither and just see how it does.


The bottle calls for about 40 minute dip, so that is what im doing.

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Well I dipped him in formalin 3 for about 45 minutes as per directions, and then put him in qt with some cuparmine(its what I had handy), Was quite suprised to see him still swimming around when I got home tonight.


My own fault, first fish I have bought in a few months and didnt do any qt process.


Thanks for the imput, I will try the other options if things dont start looking better. Pretty sure it was brook. Im guessing if it was velvet it would have been a goner by now.

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