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FS 14 gallon stocked oceanic biocube $175.00


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I love these things!(clap) They are just the right size and make awesome low maintenance frag tanks but I bought another aquapod shortly after this so this one has to go. This is a 14g Oceanic biocube!:D


It comes with tank, stand, live rock, corals which include an acan, frogspawn, few zoas, red mushrooms, star polyps.:D The clownfish are the only thing not incuded. I also have a box of miscellaneous stuff it came with including test kits!


Price 150.00


[PC lighting with retrofitted LED lights



Again clownfish not included but everything else is!DSC06241.jpg






Better picture of some of the corals





These cubes make awesome frag tanks! Here's a picture of the other 14g biocube that's not for sale we have and I could probably talk Beth into making you a frag rack for 20 dollars extra!(plotting)



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I have some customers that always buy this kind of stuff from people. Maybe you should mention this to them? There names are Beth and Kim. Oh wait...........


Yeah Beth and Kim really love biocubes I hear but I also hear the are cutoff for now!:p So somebody is going to get a really nice deal!(laugh)

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