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New member of the family


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So we have been thinking about getting a dog for a while and since we can only get a dog of 20lbs we were a bit discouraged. Since yestarday was a rainy day but wanted something to do we headed to the Humane S to take a look. Saw so many cute dogs!!!! One really caught our eyes and after meeting her we had to have her! So I introduce Charlie to the group.









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Yes, she is the center of attention! she is adjusting very well, yestarady she was a bit reserved and curious about what was going on and not really playfull but thismorning she woke up allot more at home. Our cat may take a while to accept the new addition, but now she is just telling the dog that she is the queen. Ya, I would rather save a dog at the pound then go to a dog farm, too mant abandon pets for that!

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