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For Sale - Fish / Corals


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I'm breaking down my tank since I don't have enough spare time to spend on maintenance anymore. I've had the fish below for a couple years so they are well adjusted and healthy. They readily eat sinking pellets and frozen cube preparations:


Peacock Wrasse (Halichoeres Argus - see picture), 5" - $40

Kole Tang, 4" - $25

Perc. Clown, ~3" - $10


I also have a couple of corals and starfish:

Orange-Green Rhodactis Mushrooms - 9 sm. polyps on it - $25

6" Neon Green Favia - $10

2 black/brown serpent starfish - free with any sale

Pink Pom Pom Xenia - free with any sale



Its been brought to my attention that sellers should be explicit as to the terms of sale so I want to be upfront regarding mine:

1. I don't offer any money back guarantee as I cannot control what happens to the livestock once it leaves my house. If you are not completely satisfied with the health of the fish, please tell me before you leave with them so we can discuss options.

2. I won't remove fish from the tank until you arrive - this prevents unnecessary stress to the fish in case you want to watch it feed, you get stuck in traffic on the way, or simply change you mind.


Please send me a PM if interested.


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