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Stringy/whispy green algae -


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Anything to be concerned about or just control with lighting and not overfeeding?


Better way to clean it up other than a siphon hose?


Only have 3 snails for the 15g tank. I could probably expand the clean up crew too.


Thanks for any thoughts!

- Matt

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its probably hair algae. turbo snail should clean it up real fast, but you have to physically put them on it. nitrates fuel its growth as well as phosphates. maybe run some gfo and carbon for a few weeks with a couple small water changes.

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How often do you feed and how much do you feed? The biggest mitake most people make when they set up a new system is to overfeed. (either too often or too much) This is made worse by the advise often found on websites to feed more often than necessary. What are your parameters? Specifically what are the nitrates? FWIW, My tang, coral beauty angel, and clowns all feed on this algae (I have a little that grows on my rocks but not enough that it's out of control) but only if I limit the amount I feed them.

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so - again, the speed and input from this forum is really great! Now, I'm not the best at communicating in a timely manner all the time - hence my post 2 weeks later :)


Great news is that it's all gone now. Because of the move (and I added a chiller) I think the tank went into a cycle because the params bounced a bit. All params are in order and stable now.


Alk is a bit high and PH a bit low so re-balancing that with some water changes but should be good pretty quick.


feeding is once a day and enough for them to eat in about 1min and just a bit for the scavengers to pick up.


thanks again for all the info - it helped!

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