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Another way to use super glue


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I just cut my thumb badly. Happens often when you chop food very fast with some sharpen knives to chefs, cooks and home cooks.

That thing didn't want to stop bleeding and I had to finish to prepare the food, so I put some antibiotic cream inside the wound and I closed with super glue.

Works like a charm so far (rock2)

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They have been using it in the Veteranarian field for a long time and I have seen a similar product in the Urgent care's here. There are only 3 levels of wound care...1. Lick it and apply pressure, keep looking at it..2. Electrical or duct tape..3. If the tape slides off, lick it again and apply super glue!

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We got to experience Dermabond for the first time this week. Baby Sascha is a daredevil. Probably won't be our last ER visit...



He looks like a quiet lovely little angel to me. How it is possible? lol

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I keep super glue in my first aide kits, both for people and dogs. Its great for wound care. I also have used it to coat the pads on dog feet when I'm running them on particularly hot days over outdoor agility courses. The equipment gets hot and the super glue helps to protect the pad.....

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