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Time for a new tank thread. I sold 3 tanks because I had too much, but somehow the math always make 5 in my house (whistle). So at now I have 5 tanks running or ready to run.

I had this great deal from Jason, and I was thinking about plumbing this Solana to the new sump and frag system, but the tank is in such a good shape...

The pico we have upstairs is nice and fun, but too little for some serious things (laugh)

So we decided to have this 34g display in the living room.


Standard Solana 34 gallons, outer orbit 150W MH = 4 24w T5 actinics.

Boiled live rock (aka dead rock).

I had to convince Jamie that this was first Julian's tank (wife)

That's all for now.


FTS: 12-28-2010










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I'm loving mine Alex it's already completely full!. Sorry to hear about your ATO. I hope it was working while you were away...


We need to have a solana showdown. You bought a used one, Kendaroo has one, I have one. I know there are a bunch of other people who have one.


I noticed it wasn't working the night before to leave. So I filled the tank up with freshwater and set only the t5 for 1hr. When back there was still water in the back chambers :))

There was only rock in it, so not a big deal with the salinity moving up and down.

Solana are cute tanks, we should start a club on here :D

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