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10 gallon puffer tank


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So I haven't set this tank up yet but my wife has been bugging me the past few weeks about wanting a small puffer since she saw one at a LFS. So that being said this thread will have some pictures when I get it all set up but I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions on what type of puffer? Fresh or Salt? I've never ran a brachish (I think that's how you spell it) tank and wasn't sure what the salinty should be etc. maybe I should just stick with salt..


I may have just answered my own question typing this but still wouldn't mind some help. I just saw that Gill had some small puffers in a tank and that's probably what she wants as well. So any help would be great!

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My gf liked puffers so I got her an amazon puffer.. it's freshwater.. very easy to keep. Just feed it sinking pellets and put snails in the tank a few times a month for it's teeth. Also they are small I had it in a 5 gallon.




Did you have to add any salt supplement to the water at all?


I'm looking for low maintence on it. I might even get a couple if they don't get too big. Not sure if that's a good thing to have 2 in a tank or not.

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No salt required :D and yes you can have 2-3 together. The Wet Spot in portland has a display with like 3 in it. They loved live plants but don't need them. And very low maintenance. But if you want salt then get the green spotter puffers. It's a brackish but will handle saltwater... which actually Rose City Aquarium all ready has these guys in there saltwater tanks.. saw them in there last week

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Pea Puffers (Dwarf Puffers) are fine in full freshwater. You want to get at least 5-6 because they are pretty aggressive, and if you have just 2 or 3 you will eventually end up with just one. My recommendation would be to get a Figure-8 puffer. They live in brackish water (1.010-1.017 salinity, but they don't mind fluctuations) and get about 4-6" long full grown. I kept one in a 10g tank for 6 years. With puffers (toby puffers excluded) you don't want to get more than one. They are very aggressive. When you look at a tank full of puffers in a LFS, look at their tail and pectoral fins - Most will be missing a LOT of fin.

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