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The Return


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So my tank has been up and running for about 6-7 months now and after a while I had hydroid jelly's show up and also a good population of copepods. So about a month and a half ago I got a scooter blenny and he completely wiped out my copepod population. So a few weeks ago I put a soap dish in the tank with suction cups and filled it up with cheato and got a bottle of live coppods (forgot name but were in a green water) from SWF and now my copepod population is back and there is thousands! I watch my blenny eat all day lol.


Anyways with the return of my copepods the hydroid jelly's have come back too! Probably have 50 or so all ready.. is this a bad sign? I was under the impression that they show up during the cycle process and then go away (which they did) but now they are back. Do I need to do something about it or leave them alone?

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mine went away after the cycle. i had 1000's of them. just clean them off the sides with your scrubber' date=' they will eventually go away.[/quote']


they did go away after the cycle the first time I had them.. now they just randomly showed up again lol

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If it was me, i would tape a scraper to a water hose, create a vacuum and scrape and suck at the same time into your filter sock. increase your water flow and point it at the glass. it should slow them down. they are extremely toxic so don't use your bare hands to rub them off. i have heard of people having to goto the hospital because of hydroid stings.

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