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another burn out


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So, I never got around to replacing the used bulb that I got from LewisRiverFisherman after my last blackout. But, now I have moved to Skamokawa, WA about 30 miles each way between Longview and Astoria. So, does anybody know where the nearest place to me to buy a new 4' Actinic VHO would be? I dont want to make a 160 mile RT just for a $50 bulb. What is the nearest SW store to me for that matter?

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Dr Foster and Smith and their $8.99 shipping?


yep that sounds like the best one. I was checking Ebay but couldnt find any better.

I was thinking of maybe taking this opertunity to switch to T5 would that be better then my VHO? I think my workhorse 7 can run 4 48" T5 compared to my 2 48" VHO its curently running. I know the wattage is less but would it be more light? If I go T5 is there anybody that has a cheap ($100 or less) set to sell in about 3 weeks? I dont have to have a ballast but if I could find a full 4 bulb set for under $100 then I could use the vho in the garage when I set up my other tank.

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