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1/4 hp chiller for sale


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Hey all!


I have a Via Aqua Polar Bear 1/4 hp chiller for sale. It works great! Put a monster ac unit in my house 2 weeks ago, and the chiller has not come on since. Tank stays nice and cool now:D


Here's the specs:


Dimensions - (11.75" Tall x 12.75" Wide x 15.75" Front to Back)


Via Aqua Polar Bear 1/4 HP Chiller Details:

- 15 degree cooling up to 125 gallons

- 380 Watts

- Controller can be set as low 56 F

- Flow rate through chiller is 100 GPH to 400 GPH

- Adjustable temperature controller. Constant digital temperature read-out

- Titanium heat exchanger

- The R134 refrigerant meets all environmental and international guidelines

- Thermal protected compressor



I'd like $250 for it. It is in great shape, other than a couple of spots where the previous owner spilled glue on the outer cover(see pics)



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jumping the gun


Hey Bobby, good talking to you-my apologies for "jumping the gun" before getting the chiller I already owned looked at.

Please sell this to the first person with cash, its something I may kick myself later and may still pull the trigger but since mine is not broken its tuff to justify.


Again sorry for being quick on the trigger-Let me know if you make it up this way we can hit the range for some plinking or something-


Take care man


Love all those gun references-(nutty)

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Not a problem Brad. I'm sure after a couple more days of this heat, I won't have any problem selling it;)

I'm kind of starting to wonder if I shouldn't hang on to it as cheap redundancy. Heck, It wouldn't be the first time I've sold something to myself(laugh)


I'll definitely take you up on the shooting sometime, after this shoulder heals up




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I definately would hold on to it until you are sure that the temp in your tank will remain stable. I hate my tank to fluctuate even a few degrees, your chiller will make sure you aren't having those kinds of problems.



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After tossing this around in my head, I'm going to officially take this off the market for now. So, sold to me(laugh)





Wait until tomorrow and relist it at 350.00-(laugh)


My tank is chillin at 76.3 presently which is 3 degrees higher than my house-:eek:


Dont be hating people-;)

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