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Ever woke yourself up from a dream?


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So I had a dream last night that everyone was screaming at me and I couldn't even hear myself think. It was intense and confusing so I screamed SHUT UP!!!!! and awoke immediately after wards to the wife staring at me from the other side of the bed with a look on her face like I just murdered a kitten.(wife)


Well apparently I didn't just scream it in my dream, I woke up the whole house(waving) She was pretty mad at me for it but I couldn't help but to just laugh at the whole thing, I have never talked in my sleep before much less yelled.(laugh)

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If you ask Kendra, she will tell you that I do this all of the time. Most recently, I woke her up to apologize profusely for failing to clean the terrarium. (We don't have a terrarium.)


There is a very funny blog on this topic:



Warning: that blog contains lots of foul language. The sleep-talker is apparently very mild mannered while awake, but not so much while sleeping. :)



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I've never woke up yelling but I used to talk/mumble incoherently in my sleep & my wife would always try & ask me "what, what did you say? I cannot understand you"( so she told me anyway) I warned her she might want to be careful, she may get more than she bargained for if got a clear answer. Besides that's just flat out not fair!

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