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55gal tank, pumps, MH setup, dosing pump, skimmer, DVD player FS


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Ok i have the following used equip i no longer have any use for.



55gal AGA tank with light strip, metal stand, gravel, rocks, plants, and glass tops (glass tops broke into 4 pieces, still covers top completely) - $50


GenX4100 pump - brand new impeller has never touched water - $40 - SOLD


Mag 9.5 - $40 - SALE PENDING


2 Brand new inbox Tunze Universal pump Mini 5024.04 - $15 each - SALE PENDING


FLEXiFLO III dosing pump 0-300ml/hr dosing (needs new pump set, 10bucks on ebay) $40


ReefOptix III MH SE pendant, ARO 250w eballast - $125.00 (i'll toss in the 2 14k hammys with it, both about 10m old) - sale pending


Sun Systems Sunlift adjustable light hangers - $20 SALE PENDING


PCI PS-100 skimmer w/ needlewheel pump - $50


Used SCWD - $10 - SOLD


10gal glass sump with baffles - $10


Toshiba progressive scan DVD player w/remote and box - $40

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Ok i wasn't sure, and i had deleted the PM. I'll hold it for you till after the 1st. Did i list it for the same price we agreed?


PS-100 Protein skimmer 3.12" wide 16.77" tall, with needle wheel pump. Hang on sump for aquariums up to 100 gallons. Can also be used in-sump.

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Ok cool.


Skimmer worked fine. It uses a rio pump that is hard to start sometimes, other times it fires right up. It worked fine on my 29gal, but its not the best skimmer IMO, hence the lower price. I think i paid 100-120 for it new. I think it worked better using an MJ with the bioball mod, or even zip tying some mesh to the impeller would make it lots better. But as is it does an ok job.

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