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Donated Live Phytoplankton Cultures


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I would like to get an idea of how many people are interested in this..


I have several cultures of phytoplankton running for distribution at the Christmas Party. The starter cultures were donated by Palouse Region Aquarium Society in Idaho http://www.palouseaquariums.org/ . Strains available are Nannochloropsis oculata, Isochrysis galbana, and Tetraselmis suecica.

I also have about a 1/2 Gallon of fertilizer left. (Guillard's f/2 Solution?)


I do not have any rotifer or copepod cultures at this time. If any of you can help donate some to start culturing these, it would be great.


Here is a link that should be helpful in putting together an inexpensive home phyto culture system.


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sweet i want to do phyto too how much or is it a class kinda thing that teaches me how to do it?


No charge...free. You need to supply the culture bottles, etc. Just show up at the meeting.


Some good info on culturing can be found at these links.




Phytoplankton culturing video



http://www.melevsreef.com/phytoplankton.html (I use Guillard's f/2 instead of Miracle-Grow fertilizer though).



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Still like some iso' date=' and I seen a large colony of pods hanging out in my fuge (I got rid of all my cheato so no place for them to hide) so I will bag them up for trade, won't look like much but will get you started.[/quote']


I will have Iso. there for you.


I also have a favor to ask. Could you take some phyto back with you for Barleychown, who can't make the meeting?

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Since I wasn't able to get any small bottles to pack algae starter cultures in, I will be using ziploc bags.

Nevertheless, I will have live phytoplankton and small quantities of microalgae food at the Christmas Party tomorrow. Links with instructions for growing are located earlier in this thread. :)

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I wouldnt mind trying the f/2 but if not, its no big deal. If anyone as questions regarding cultures just post. Its really much easier than you think. I guess Im picking up Iso and whatever you and barley are trading, see you at the meet, thanks JManrow!

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This is the stuff I have been using, as I discussed with a few people at the meeting. I have done about 6-7 splits on the culture I have now with no issues, and it gets DARK, after split you till cant see light behind it when you hold it up right next to it.






John thanks for sharing!

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I had planned on bringing some f/2 Guillard's Solution, but here is a simple, working solution:



Reference: Guillard, R.R.L. and J.H. Ryther. 1962. Studies of marine planktonic

diatoms. I. Cyclotella nana Hustedt and Detonula confervacea Cleve. Can. J.

Microbiol. 8: 229-239.

Reference: Guillard, R.R.L. 1975. Culture of phytoplankton for feeding marine

invertebrates in “Culture of Marine Invertebrate Animals.” (eds: Smith W.L. and

Chanley M.H.) Plenum Press, New York, USA. pp 26-60.


1. Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 5mg/5ml distilled H2O

2. Biotin 1 mg/10ml distilled H2O

To make the working solution add the following amounts of the stock solutions to

100 ml of distilled water:

1. Vitamin B12 0.1 ml

2. Biotin 1.0 ml

3. Thiamine HCl 20 mg

Dispense working solution according to amounts required for media preparation.

One ml aliquots are conveniently stored frozen, in cryovials for periods of 1-2

months. Store the remainder of the working solution frozen, in a polyethylene

bottle of 100 ml. Wrap with Parafilm to avoid moisture loss.

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Can rotifers or copepods be "dosed" into a tank on a daily basis?


Has anyone ever tried this? What problems did you encounter?

I know rotifers can, as the reproduce very rapidly. If the copepod cultures were large enough, I'm sure portions could also be added daily.

The only problem I ever had with a rotifer culture crashing when it was not fed or given partial water replacement. I had this happen back in 1997. Sometimes after this happens, there may be dormant cysts("resting rotifers") present to begin a new culture.


I have several copepod (Tigriopus californicus) cultures running now. Hopefully their numbers will increase enough by next month for distribution.

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is there any more phyto cultures around? I wouldn't mind getting my rotifers going.


Like I said earlier, I also have several copepod (Tigriopus californicus) cultures running now, in addition to the Nanno., Iso., and Tetra. phyto cultures for free distribution. It will be a few more weeks until the copepods are ready.

Hopefully, more people will do the same with their cultures. This way we can have an endless supply the feed our tanks, and be able to help feed and raise those surprise spawnings when they hatch!

Hey Jansen - Those rotifers multiply fast... how about when you get your cultures going (a few million won't take long!), you bring some bags of starter rotifers to the meetings?

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