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Reef Goods for Sale


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Okay I was tired of editing the old thread so I thought I would start a new one. I also added some things.


46Bow- $50 SOLD


DIY Waste Container (wannareef)- $20 SOLD


Endcaps and standoffs- $4 for endcaps (pair) $2 for standoffs (pair) SOLD



I am gonna be setting up a 24G Aquapod here soon so I will have more stuff to add. If I really like the Aquapod I will buy another and tear down the 90G I just setup. It takes up too much space in my little house. With a baby comin :) I need the space. So to mix I might be adding a 90G 3'x2'x2' tank and stand, 8x39W 36" Teklight w/ 6 month old bulbs(the mack daddy) , a Octopus RPS-1000 skimmer, a Eheim 1262, a Arabian Dottyback, and a huge chunk of liverock (44lb piece measures 20"x14"x16")

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Okay 46bow is still for sale. I think most of the endcaps and stanoffs are sold. I can deliver the 46bow this weekend and meetup at the meeting or a LFS if someone wants it. It also looks like Im gonna break down the 90. I talked the misses into letting me do a in-wall (on the next house) when I sell this house!!! I cant wait. Way easier than I thought. ohhhh yeaahhhhh. Ill get prices figured out on the stuff from the 90. Ill post tomorrow. Later Ryan

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