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December Christmas Party !!!


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December 17th 2pm to 5pm




Milwaukie Center

5440 SE Kellogg Creek Drive

Milwaukie, OR 97222

(503) 653-8100




$5.00 Members, $10.00 non-members

Fee is waived if you bring a dish for the potluck

No Alcohol is allowed


Let's make this a great Christmas Party. We are going to have a potluck dinner, so bring your prize-winning dishes with you and get in free. Bring salads, side dishes, veggie trays, soda, water, chips, crackers, and desserts. The club will provide the main course and all the plates, cups, napkins, plasticware, etc.


There is going to be a "White Elephant" gift exchange. Bring a gift that is $10.00 or less ( doesn't have to be related to the hobby ) and it will be placed in a community pile. Everyone that brought a gift will draw a number from 1 to the number of people participating. Starting with number 1 the person gets to pick a present from the pile or choose to "steal" a present from another participant. The present can only be stolen 3 times, so strategy is crucial. Only a couple of rules. Please do not bring an alcoholic beverage as a gift. DOH! There might be some under aged participants. All gifts must be wrapped. That's it. These gift exchanges can be a lot of fun. Bring a gift and join in.


We are going to have a frag swap. I will start a new thread on the frag swap, so start posting what would would like to trade. Get out those clippers, razors, and dremels. Take pics and post them if you can. Need to start pruning... would you like to get some different corals in your tank... this is aqua culturing at its best. Let the trading begin.


We are going to have some raffle items, so bring your wallets. As we get closer, we will have a list of raffle items. Don't miss out.


We are trying to make this the best Christmas Party we have had. Come join the fun.



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OK here's the list of raffle items........


1- AquaFX 4 stage Barracuda RO/DI unit..........donated by AquaFX


2- Icecap ballast (model 430-008)......donated by Aquarium Obsessed


3- Precision Marine CA reactor w/ Ehiem 1250 pump,( roughly 19" tall and 5" across)........donated by Coral Reef Pet Center


4- Precision Marine reactor, (roughly 4" across and 13" tall).......donated by Precision Marine


5- Precision Marine waste collector, (roughly 4" across and 11" tall).........donated by Precision Marine



I will also bring the remaining additive, foods, and misc. items that have been donated thru out the year by various companies. Jay can decide if these will be door prizes or what, but that's what I will suggest to him.



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