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Cool site, thanks for sharing. As for that prized photo you want to send to a contest or really care for quality, be sure to print at a good shop. Best place I know of in Portland is Pro Photo Supply in N/W (http://www.prophotosupply.com/)...you can send your files to them online as well. They will ship back if requested. I'll never, ever, ever print at Costco again. Try it and compare your best photo printed at 2 places to see what a difference it makes when an actual person looks at EVERY photo on their monitor before printing. I don't know of any other shop that does. I was clued on to them when an honest worker at local dedicated camera store sent me there for printing instead of his shop. My jaw hit the floor! Nobody has blue beards in my photos anymore, not even the kids :) It's worth the extra .05 or so if that. If you print many pictures at once, the price goes down in segments. Last time I was sending a batch of 300 photos, the price was the same as any cheap store in town..around .20.

If someone knows of other like print shops, please share. For those down south, I would call them and see who they would recomend in your area if shipping cost is an issue.

Personally, I like picking up pics because I can drool over the blown up photos the real photographers are inspecting while I'm waiting in line.

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