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My bad crabs...


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I'm getting sick of bad crabs. Found this skeleton of a molt last night in the tank....this is one of the crabs I've been after for quite some time. What do you guys think, Xanthidae crab?

It looks like it to me from the pictures at this site:


Has anyone had any luck trapping these buggers?

Here is the offender:


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I had a couple a few years ago, but got lucky when each of them crawled onto a rock easily removed from the tank. Trapping like impur suggests is probably your best option; maybe you'll get lucky like I did.


Funny, most people have problems with crabs *after* they get lucky. We reefers are a strange lot.

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You guys and your crab jokes :)

So, I speared one crab tonight, but missed the second one. It looks like it was the crab from the above skeleton. I did manage to find one more porcelain crab in the tank crab hunting. I snapped a few pictures but too tired to upload tonight.

I have a trap set out for the other one...Maybe I will raffle off the bad crab on sunday...maybe trade for a sweet chalice! ha ha ha.

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