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Anyone ordered a tunze nanostream yet?


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yeh.. only the 6025 is out i believe, the 45 is out like in a couple weeks, and the 55 is out at the end of the year.


ive heard a few things about them over at RC. the 620 gph is spot on i guess, most say they are about half the power of a mjmod. real wide flow. and supposedly the seio 820 puts out more flow as well. some are dissapointed, some love it.

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DOH! MAGNETS ARE SUPER STRONG! When they say that these were strong magnets...they weren't kidding.


(scary) fingers got crushed...and it took lots of effort to get it apart.


I'll be testing the pump first in my outside tank. I'll take pics of that. Be back in a few.(laugh)

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Okay, here are some images. I had video...but for some reason, I can't view them on my computer(scratch).


Here is it at a slight angle:






And one of it when it was more upward:(had more on video...)




I'm going to transfer it over to the fish tank now...stay tuned(laugh)

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