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FS/180 Gal. Stand and Canopy Brand New


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I just finished this stand and canopy. Stand is 72x24x31in. tall. I constructed it with 2x4 interior for the highest possible strength. The stand is really built like a tank. Both pieces are finished in pine for a very nice look. Interior of stand has white Laminate on the floor and walls and it is caulked around all seems. Holes drilled in back for 2 4in. fans. Canopy is every bit as nice as the stand. I built this for my new 180gal. and am now letting it go because I have decided to build a cube tank instead. Sorry my digital camera is not working or I would post some pics. Also the doors on the stand I built like the doors on Travis 300 gal. cube tank. so you can see in through acrylic panles. It is all sound proofed as well with 1/4 in. foam sandwiched inbetween all panles on sides and back. PM Me to come take a look at it or for any questions. I'll also throw in a large sump that fits in this stand perfectly. Thanks P.S. The canopy is 72x24x18in. tall...(rock2)

P.S.S To sweeten the deal I have decided to throw in a Aqua-C EV-240. It just needs the collection cup.Other then missing cup it's in perfect condition.. So you get Stand,Canopy,Sump,and 399.00 dollar skimmer. 900.00 for the entire setup..


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Hey robz, have you tried RC or even craigslist to get rid of this???


No offense meant to anyone here but this forum kinda sucks for selling stuff if you want anywhere near what stuff is worth. If you havent already you should throw it up on either of those places for your $950 starting price and see what happens.


good luck. At $700 your giving all your hard work away.


Got any pics??

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