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Fish Room


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I have been slowly building a fish room with the help from my good friend Dave (Burlycuda). (Okay, Dave I posted the picture for you to see the progress so far) I plan on breeding seahorses and dottybacks.


I already have a 37g Seahorse tank (wife's). 50g Frag tank. And a 270g in wall tank that's 3 feet deep. (What was I thinking). Apparantly, as you know I too have the saltwater sickness (nutty) and my wife (wife) has been more than understanding. So, I wonder why she agreed to my bright idea in breeding fish. Anyway, the room is built none other than in the garage. It's roughly 12' by 9'. I have so far 8 tanks with 18 compartments. Right now just a couple boring photos of a room with walls and a freshly painted floor. More photos to come! Thanks for looking. :D


It was a double car garage.






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Let me know if you need some help designing some seahorse breeding/ fry systems. I have some cool ones that are proven. Cheap to make too, no glass just plastic. Easy to clean. . .


I'd enjoy helping you out. I haven't had my own fishroom since I moved up to Oregon. Wife and I are looking for a home now, which will have a fishroom for me.


I hope you love it as much as I loved mine.



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I have an in wall tank running in my family room. It viewable from the front yard! I get a couple comments now and then. At least it explains that 20k glow coming from the house! The fish room will be huge step for me to breed fish. I needed a place to control the enviroment better than just the garage. I'll clean my in wall tank and post those this weekend.


Pledosophy - yes, I wouldn't mind talking with you about kreisel designs and such. Especially when they are proven. Thanks! And good luck on the house search!

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