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82 Corals Advance Toward Endangered Species Act Protection


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Some big names...


There are some popular corals in that list. I've bolded ones that I'm familiar with in the list below. Considering how difficult it is to ID with absolute certainty I wonder if we might see splash damage within affected genera?


Acanthastrea brevis

Acanthastrea hemprichii

Acanthastrea ishigakiensis

Acanthastrea regularis

Acropora aculeus

Acropora acuminata

Acropora aspera

Acropora dendrum

Acropora donei

Acropora globiceps

Acropora horrida

Acropora jacquelineae

Acropora listeri

Acropora lokani

Acropora microclados

Acropora palmerae

Acropora paniculata

Acropora pharaonis

Acropora polystoma

Acropora retusa

Acropora rudis

Acropora speciosa

Acropora striata

Acropora tenella

Acropora vaughani

Acropora verweyi

Agaricia lamarcki

Alveopora allingi

Alveopora fenestrata

Alveopora verrilliana

Anacropora puertogalerae

Anacropora spinosa

Astreopora cucullata

Barabattoia laddi

Caulastrea echinulata

Cyphastrea agassizi

Cyphastrea ocellina

Dendrogyra cylindrus

Dichocoenia stokesii

Euphyllia cristata

Euphyllia paraancora

Euphyllia paradivisa

Galaxea astreata

Heliopora coerulea

Isopora crateriformis

Isopora cuneata

Leptoseris incrustans

Leptoseris yabei

Millepora foveolata

Millepora tuberosa

Montastraea annularis

Montastraea faveolata

Montastraea franksi

Montipora angulata

Montipora australiensis

Montipora calcarea

Montipora caliculata

Montipora dilatata

Montipora flabellata

Montipora lobulata

Montipora patula

Mycetophyllia ferox

Oculina varicosa

Pachyseris rugosa

Pavona bipartita

Pavona cactus

Pavona decussata

Pavona diffluens

Pavona venosa

Pectinia alcicornis

Physogyra lichtensteini

Pocillopora danae

Pocillopora elegans

Porites horizontalata

Porites napopora

Porites nigrescens

Porites pukoensis

Psammocora stellata

Seriatopora aculeata

Turbinaria mesenterina

Turbinaria peltata

Turbinaria reniformis

Turbinaria stellula

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