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Lighting the 6 foot 125


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I'm trying to decide between two or three 250w's. I would like to stay with 2 for heat reasons and $$ reasons. I mainly keep LPS so thout it the lighting aspect would be sufficent, I will have 5 or 6 SPS colonies (when they grow up) but I don't want a crazy shadowy tank either.


Do you think two 250's with Lumanarcs would cover the tank.


Also for the supplemental actinics should I run 2 60" T5's and stagger them or 4 36"ers. I'm also going to look into VHO's instead for there colors.


Any help greatly appreciated.

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Hey so you got the same size tank I do. You'll love the 6' (clap).

I got 2 diy lumenarc reflectors you can borrow. I was planning on using it for my tank but decided to go a different route.


You're the man!


I'm getting Scott's system when he gets back in town. I'm pretty stoked on the whole thing. I won't be setting the system up until I move, but want to have all the pieces so when I move I can just move my stuff from my tank now into the new tank there. Should be fun.

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I originally had 2 400w over mine and was annoyed by the shadows. You can get by with it but probably will not be happy. I finally added a third 250w which was better and eventually swapped the 400w ballast for a dual 250w. I.E. I now run 3 250w lights over the tank for about 5 hours. (They are actually staggered so the higher demanding corals are lit for 6 hours on one side while the least are lit for 4 hours on the other)

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