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Dual 400W Ballast, Reeflo Baracudda, Reflectors, PH Monitor


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Ok, have a few more items for sale. PM me if interested.



1) Pinpoint PH Monitor with AC adaptor. No probe. $25



2) PFO Socket Mounting Kit and 12" Optimal Reflector. $40 for both.

Used for 250 or 400 watt mogul base. I have two of these. I cut off the PFO connector and added a quick disconnect connector to them. I still have the PFO connectors if you want to use these on a PFO ballast.






3) Spider Light Reflector with Mogul Socket. $20

This is brand new, never used.





4) Reeflo Barracuda pump. $200

This was used for a closed loop on a large display tank. Works great. I purchased it from another person as new. I used it for a year. That is PVC glue that dripped on the side of the pump.




5) MD 55 pump. $30

This is an Iwaki clone. Looks like an Iwaki MD55. The fan shroud is cracked at one of the screws. It was used for about a year to power a skimmer.



6) PFO Dual 400 Watt Ballast. $125

Works great. Just came off a large display tank. Not sure on the age. I bought it used and ran it for about a year and a half.


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