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Frag System for sale


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Ok, so here's the story:


I traded my laptop to Dave(nwcoralfarm) for a very nice frag system, got home after picking it up and setting it up temporarily at Steve's(Saltfinsax) place and proceeded to sit down with the in-laws, and was basically yelled at that the area where we were originally going to set up said system has other plans, so, its got to go.


I've got:


40lbs Live Rock - sold - thanks Dean and CrazyInside

Reef Octopus NW110 protein skimmer, comes with pump - $75 sold, thanks lewisriverfisherman

50g sump/refugium - $100 sold - thanks Scott

112g blue tub, drilled and plumbed, frag tank, comes with 3/4" swcd, pumps and stand along with all plumbing - $150




Prices are negotiable to a certain extent. I'm needing lights, so I'm open to trading it for the right lighting, I need MH or a 6 bulb T5 system for my 40 breeder, dual 150's or dual 175's are preferred, but not necessary.


Here's the pics:




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bumping again, I really need this gone guys, this is funding my new tank set-up and I need it gone so I can get finished with the new tank. I've got everything ready, just need salt, my lights fixed, and sand, and the sale of this tank is holding all that up. Make me an offer, I'm quite sure we can come to an agreement folks.

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Wednesday bump, 100 bucks for everything thats left, you get the 112g blue tub, all the plumbing for it, its stand and a 30 or so gallon acrylic sump for 100 bucks, helluva deal, and I need this gone and I need the money so I can finish my set-up, so someone help a brutha out LOL.

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