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What should I buy first?!


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zoas, mushrooms, most softies period really. If you were closer, ive got some sinularia id be happy to frag for you that would do good.


on most of the SPS, like acros, they recommend waiting 6 months or so for your tank to mature before adding, same with anemones.


what size tank is this fixture going over?

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2 things, and they're just suggestions. But, I'd ditch the tang, that's really enough tank for him, they need 6' tanks, and second, I'd find a way to ditch the CC, that stuff is nasty, a nice fine, sugar sized, sand is much preferable. Other than that, I can't see anything to stop you from getting a birdsnest, easy sps, and go from there. Nice job on the light.

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We were actually thinking about ditching the tang too. and I just purchased some sand tonight that I will put in this weekend! It's just a lot of work if I did at night after I got home from work!!


This light is so amazingly bright, I LOVE it!!


I will see if I can get a FTS for you all :)

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On a side note, does anyone want 2 clownfish, a sailfin tang and a coral beauty? we are ready for a change :) (we are taking everything out of the tank so we can add sand this weekend, so it would be the perfect time to catch some fish! I go to Eugene pretty much every day for work, so I could meet/deliver if need be!)


Are monti, toadstool, birdsnest and hammers good starters?

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