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Claim Dive Crew Damaged Reef


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Daniel Bateman

Source: The Cairns Post

February 5, 2010


Cairns, Australia - The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has confirmed it is investigating a complaint about a Cairns dive operator whose crew allegedly dragged an anchor through a healthy coral reef and tied a boat to a stack of live coral.


Three international tourists have released photographs of the devastation they saw the moment they emerged underwater, while their vessel was moored at Ribbon Reef 8, off Cape Flattery, earlier this week.


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Wow - and the spokesman for the boat operators totally blew it off. He basically said that the boat captain didn't intentionally cause damage to the reef so it's not a big deal. Unbelievable. The guy just randomly drops anchor in a reef area and then acts like he couldn't have know it might hit the reef?!


You would think that someone who makes a living based on the beauty of the reef would take more care of it. That boat captain should lose his license - or at least receive a heavy suspension to make him think twice next time - since he clearly doesn't think much of it this time.

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