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Yellow clown goby in groups of 3???


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Hello everyone! I'm brand new to this forum, and I'm excited to get a bunch of new advice from people locally! What do you all think about putting 3 yellow clown goby's in a 20 gallon? Would they fight even though I would put them in at the same time? THanks for all the advice in advance!

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Are you gonna keep SPS in that tank? I used to have one YCG, I love it, but it was always laying on my sps. They don't have scales, but some mucus which I think irritates corals.

He also wasn't a smart guy and he died inside a 100gph powerhead.

They are best kept singly or as a breeding pair. I also had some issues trying to feed them. Sometimes you end up overfeeding to keep them alive, and it could end up in a algae outbreak in a nano tank.

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