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Cleaning out my nano....


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I have a nano tank I am cleaning out and going to turn in to a frag tank.


I have live rock with lots of mushrooms, both purple and ricordias and some of the rock has some various zoas on it. Prices depend on which rocks you choose! Willing to trade for rare, cool zoas or other LPS (Pics coming soon)


I have a mated pair of Black onyx true percula clownfish like the ones here... http://www.aquacon.com/Clownfish_saltwaterfish.html

I will sell for $100 OBO.


Green Chromis $5

Pink spotted Shrimp Goby $10


Kenya tree on rock with zoas and others $10


If you are interested in any of these shoot me a PM and I will send you pictures.


Thanks for looking,


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Ok guys... Still no takers on the ricordias and rocks!


Come on... I would like to get most of this stuff out of here today!


Call me 503....318.....7938 if you wants some of this stuff.


I will let the smaller ricordias go for $10, large ones for $15, or 20 if one of the bigger rocks!

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I would love some of the ricordias. Let me know a price



$10 each OBO, $15 for the ones attached to the bigger rocks.


I have one rock that has 6-8 on them I would let that one go for $45.


let me know if you are interested, I will be home most of the day, have a few things I have to do, but otherwise home today playing with the tanks!



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lol ... you think you woulda mentioned this when I was there... The anemone is doing well btw. The clowns are still a bit unsure of it tho... they hang out near it but not in it. Is your avatar a picture of the one I got??


LOL I guess I just assumed that everyone reads the for sale ads. Yes my avatar is your anemone. Guess I should change it now. Glad it is doing well and hope your clowns decide to host it soon!


Let me know if you want to make another trip out here for some ricordias. I also have a nice bubble coral that I will be selling, need to figure out how much it is worth tho...




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