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WTT a Quiet One 6000 for a Mag Drive 12


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We have a Quiet One 6000 that has been in use for about two weeks. It runs great but has way too much power for what we need, even with valving it back. We would like to trade for a Mag 12 if possible. It is one of the few pumps that will be around the GPH we need. Thanks for the help!



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I'll butt in uninvited w/ my opinion, from 1st hand experiance with both pumps-LOL


I presently have the 6000 also, which is rated what 1500ish GPH at zero head loss, the Mag 12 is 1200?

The Mag 12 will not loss the GPH as fast as the Quiet One so if you think the 6000 is to much-you may want the Mag 9, or choke the Quiet 1 back further.







I think the graph or stats on the 6000 are FALSE, 1st hand experiance



I'm not sure what amount of rise you have from your sump to the tank, but you can check out the graphs at marine depot on the 6000 vs the mag 12. The 6000 drops like a brick after 3 feet compared to the mag 12-


IMO-keep the 6000 and add a gate valve vs a ball valve

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